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Interview by Ruby Goss

Amy Crawford

Amy Crawford is the founder of online wellness-hub The Holistic Ingredient. Contagiously sunny, she wears many hats including Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC) therapist, business coach, blogger and recipe book author. Here she shares just how she juggles these roles while maintaining balance and health in her daily life. 



Part 1:

I’m very routined in the morning and I really value having space – the pressure of having to be somewhere at a certain time affects my energy quite negatively. I get up at six and do a 20 minute meditation session before taking my adorable labradoodle Wilson for a walk. For years I have been drinking warm water with lemon juice and apple cider vinegar, which is really great for detoxifying and digestion, so I have that before heading out the door.

I eat breakfast around eight. As part of my recovery from adrenal fatigue, I need good quality protein in pretty much every meal in order to still be vertical by three o’clock in the afternoon. A typical breakfast for me is gluten free toast with avocado, smoked salmon and a squeeze of lemon, or maybe a green juice and often kimchi. After breakfast I usually walk down to Lady Moustache with my takeaway coffee cup and order a strong, three-quarter soy latte before coming back to my home office.

Part 2:

At around nine or nine-thirty I will sit down at my desk and usually the first thing I do is check my email – probably not a good habit because I tend to get stuck in the inbox and lose track of the important stuff. I’m trying to manage that better, but I’ll usually scan for anything that is important and plan for my Combined Therapy Cocktail (CTC) and business coaching sessions, which take up about 80% of my week.

What I’m learning to do is to keep emails to the beginning of the day and create a list of what I need to do first up – such as a blog post, or answer interview questions or take photos for a recipe. I’ll try and schedule these in my diary in 45 minutes blocks.

Part 3:

I see a client at about ten in the morning and that goes until after midday, and usually see another client at two in the afternoon. On the days where I’m with clients in the therapy room or on Skype, I try not to do too many other things because I've found I end up multitasking so much. That can be overwhelming and I end up feeling a bit scattered.

The best thing about working from home is that I can get up and put the washing out or I can sweep the floor – I love it because it means at night I’m never doing domestic stuff.

Part 4:

At lunch I will stop for at least three-quarters of an hour. I’m a bit of a sun-lover so I go outside and lie on my $18 Bunnings sun lounge or I’ll go for a walk around the block with Wilson, or something non-work related. Lunch might be a salad with protein and a piece of buckwheat toast, maybe quinoa salad or often some leftovers.

Part 5:

I might sit back down at my desk and do a couple of solid hours of work. I like to try and do another meditation session after my last CTC for the day. I used to meditate at lunch but I've since found that meditation and food don’t mix and you're better to leave it for a couple of hours.

I only work till just after five, so I’d probably sort through emails and plan what I have to do the next day before going for another half hour walk with Wilson. When I walk back in the door, that’s it for the day.

I’m getting out of certain social media habits – posting on Instagram is best at about seven or eight at night, but you do that and then you're engaged again and people ask questions and before you know it, you're using up your down time.

So I’ve kind of let go…sometimes I’ll post at that hour but my downtime is more important.

Part 6:

A few nights a week – without making myself seem like a total purist – is have a far infrared sauna. It’s amazing for detoxifying so that’s something I might do when I come back from a walk with Wilson.

I also like to cook at night so that I’ve got salads and stuff for the rest of the week. I really enjoy going to restaurants and usually have one night a week booked with a friend, but I need to be careful with my energy – I’ve been recovering from adrenal fatigue for about a year and it's still not 100% yet. Otherwise I might go to a Meetup event – I'm committing to every two weeks going along to event where I’m meeting new people who are doing really inspiring things.

Part 7:

Now that I get up at six every day and meditate, I try to have lights off by ten. Social media I’m getting better at – I used to go to bed and pin but I know that’s just not good. Sometimes I’ll go to bed and listen to a podcast or watch a YouTube video. Otherwise I read.

“Throughout my life I’ve been a ‘I’ve gotta get up, I’ve gotta get up and get at em, you’re wasting time, you’re wasting time’. Whereas now I’m really doing my best to just be with the moment and not worry about what needs to be done.”

10 life lessons from Amy Crawford


Zone in on your tasks and work in 45-minute slots. Get rid of all distractions so you’re completely in control of your time.


Choose to do things every day that you consider high-grade. That is, the things that really bring you joy.


Learn to say no to commitments – guilt free. Your health is all that you have and it’s not worth pushing when you’re feeling low.


You need energy to come through you, not from you. When it all gets too much, learn to just stop.


The solution is in changing your thoughts.  You need to go back to the roots of your limiting beliefs to understand why you feel the way you do.


Figure out how much sleep you personally need – and get it.


Nothing is stressful unless you say it is. Choose to feel peace instead of getting overwhelmed. 


A to-do list is just a list of words. Instead of getting overwhelmed by your tasks, pick the ones that you can do with peace.


The power of our thoughts can turn our lives around. If you're not in control of your thoughts, then you can’t have the life you desire because everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality.


Having an extraordinary life is about focusing on what you do want rather than what you don't want.  What you radiate you attract. 

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