Interview by Madeleine Dore
Photography by Bri Hammond

Courtney Elise

A glimpse at a day in the life of Melbourne maker and owner of artistic and eclectic boutique The Design Court



Part I:

I never ever use an alarm, I just wake up naturally. I have a really slow morning, lazing in bed with my boyfriend. We cook breakfast and I have multiple coffees. Around 10.30 I stroll to work, stopping at material shops or the post office on the way.

Part II:

I always have a gazillion things to do, but I don’t have a set plan or routine. I split it between quilting, making clothes and working on the web store. Sometimes I fiddle with the window or email people, but I really just do what I feel like. I suppose I’m a bit of a perfectionist and that’s probably why I change tasks because I can get really caught up in the detail. But I’ve learned to put it down and walk away.

For some people a creative funk can be getting started, but for me a funk will come halfway through!

Part III: 

After work I usually go to the supermarket. We are really into food and sometimes it takes my boyfriend and I three hours to make dinner! In the evening I sit on the couch and work on the web store, do inventory or roll clay beads while I watch TV. I’m usually in bed around midnight. 


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