Photography by Bri Hammond

Lisa Currie

A glimpse at a day in the life of Melbourne author, illustrator, bundle of quirk and creator of
The Scribble Diary and Me, You, Us books. 



Part I:

It's 9am and Taylor Swift wakes me up. A friendly serenade via my iphone alarm. Thanks Tay. Then I check my Instagram and wiggle around in bed for 20 minutes making very loud, yawny noises. Mentally preparing myself for the bed-to-shower hike, ahh! The morning sunshine looks pretty through my curtains.

Part II:

Breakfast is normally a fried egg with mustard on toast. Then I potter around the house for a while, doing the dishes to 90s RnB and drowning my house plants with water because Mama Loves You Too Much! Most days I'll visit the thrift shop near my house and (fingers crossed) find an old activity book by Dame Edna or an elaborate apple-coring machine, weird things like that.

There's so much inspiration to be found there! It's like a real-life Pinterest, except tactile and way more random.

Part III:

Around midday I walk to my shared studio in Fitzroy. Maybe stop at a cafe on the way to read something or sketch in my notebook, or go to the library to research. I'm working on my third book at the moment called The Positivity Kit. It's a huge and exciting project! 190 pages to create from scratch over four months. I sit at my desk organising pages, or go for walks around Brunswick Street to jot down ideas in my phone.

There's usually at least one trip to Officeworks (my retail soulmate) per day, especially if I'm feeling moody about the book and need a break.

Part IV:

I like being in the studio at night when it's quiet, so maybe I'll leave around 8pm... or later, if I get stuck on Pinterest looking up Backyard Mini Golf Ideas or Glow In The Dark Parties. On my way home I'll buy some tuna and a tomato, to add with rice and kale for dinner.

Part V:

On days when I'm not at the studio I'm at my part-time job driving an ice cream van! Usually on Thursdays and Fridays, from 10am-11pm I’ll be serving soft serve into hungry mouth-holes, making dairy dreams come true. It's a pretty fun job. Long days though, so on those nights I don't do much else other than shower off the sprinkles and sweat and fall straight to sleep.

Part VI:

At home I'll potter around the house, talk shit with my housemate, dance secretly in my bedroom, watch a few episodes of New Girl if I've brought home my laptop. Then read a novel in bed and fall asleep around midnight. My noise app is set to the sound of Rain On A Train Window, or as I like to call it- Riding The Hogwarts Express! Night, 'arry.


"There is nothing wrong with loving the crap out of everything. Negative people find their walls. So never apologise for your enthusiasm. Never. Ever. Never." – Ryan Adams


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