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Illustrations by The Juliet Report

Lisa Messenger

A glimpse at a day in the life of author, entrepreneur, speaker and the head honcho behind Collective Hub.



Part I:

Firstly there is absolutely no typical day at all ever, but the most typical may look something like this: 7.00am-ish, wake up, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, emails in that order until maybe 7.30 or 8 depending on how much I have to rush in the morning.

Then training – either with my personal trainer or on my own – it will be either an hour of boxing in the park or weights in the gym depending on the day.

I get into the office around 9ish where a green smoothie or green juice is always waiting for me on my desk (it is pretty much the only thing I am a prima donna about in life!)”

Part II:

A series of meetings could be with my Art Director to discuss creative for the next issue of the mag and run through potential cover choices, or our Australian distributor Gordon and Gotch to talk about expansion strategies, or a meeting with Audible about recording Daring & Disruptive and Life & Love on audio and locking up a global distribution rights deal with them.

Part III:

From 11-11.30 I check emails on the fly and respond to anything urgent and delegate the rest (I get 600 – 800 emails on any given day). Then it might be a quick meeting with my Ad Sales team leader to check in as to how we are tracking for the next issue, or a photoshoot for an upcoming online blog.

Part IV:

After lunch I will open mail and get my EA to respond to invitations (I get at least 10 – 15 invitations to openings, launches, etc a day). Then maybe write a blog and start to work on the bones of my editor’s letter for the next issue's release. At 3.00 I have a chiropractic / kinesiology appointment to try to work on my right leg that has been niggling me for a while (on the drive there I usually make phone calls).

Part V:

Late afternoon might be a meeting with my marketing team, an editorial meeting to approve content for the next issue, a phone call to take a brief for a speaking gig, or checking and responding to various emails: people wanting us to showcase them in the mag, people wanting me to speak, letters from readers etc – I flick these around to whichever team member is appropriate to respond and give everyone a “wow” experience.

Part VI:

Writing (bliss!) From 5-7pm I usually work on my back page for the next edition of Collective Hub and formulate some ideas for my next book.

Part VII:

In the evening I might go to an event before returning home to flop on the couch with Benny dog and my fiancé Jack – half watch a movie whilst checking social media and responding to comments from the day.

At 9.30 we will take Benny dog for a quick “family” walk around the block, let the day go and just relax and flop into daggy old us.

Throw the ball to him 50 or so times. At 10pm, I have a long bath and then bed.


What makes a life extraordinary?
Living the very best version of myself every day and feeling completely in love with life ...  I have completely found my purpose and my 'why' and I know in every single cell in my body absolutely anything is possible. 

Extraordinary Findings


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