Photography by Kate Holmes and Jenny Ingram

Megan Dicks

A glimpse at a day in the life of the co-owner of gallery and art house Otomys.



Part I:

Our bedroom overlooks our garden, so the birds are my early alarm. When my schedule allows, I open all the shutters and sit in bed with a cup of tea – I adore a moment to put my head back and soak up some stillness before the day begins. 


I put on the laundry and take ‘the Masters of the House’ for a walk/run and then the rumblings of the day begin with two active and busy teenage daughters… breakfasts, lunches, schedules and a rush to the tram.

[Sigh...] The coffee machine goes on – sourdough fruit toast with flaxseed oil is a delicious accompaniment to a goats milk latté and a moment for Instagram. 


Part II: 

I’m in my studio by 9am replying to website enquiries, managing Otomys orders, overseeing production, corresponding with artists and decorators. From mid-morning I plan meetings, presentations, visit project sites with decorators or client homes to assist with art selection, stop in at the printers and framers and oversee installations (there is seldom a day when I feel on top of it all.)


Part III:

Back to my studio frantically addressing more emails and phone calls. I have a fabulous co-director, Nikki Finch, in Singapore and incredible, dedicated Otomys staff in Malaysia, Sydney and four of us in Melbourne – so for a ‘global’ team there is always loads on the agenda.


Part IV:

Mid afternoon I'll have afternoon tea with my girls if they’re home. The usual question at this hour is ‘What’s for dinner?’ so while homework is on the go, I’ll spend an hour or more in the studio and then I’m off to the supermarket and into the kitchen. 


Part V:

We all love good food so between us we generally enjoy making something tasty for dinner – it’s the time around the table that I love!

After dinner, regardless of the weather, I’ll walk the dogs with my husband–  a time to chat and unwind.

After some domestic chores (that ironing pile is relentless!) I head upstairs. My husband, Joe and I enjoy reading books, magazines or newspapers so lights are out usually just after 11pm. Dreaming of that morning cup of tea…


"Surround yourself with positivity and passion – they will close the doors to fear and doubt." 


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