The Sex Habits of Strangers

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“It's not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.” – Marilyn Monroe

Whether with a partner or flying solo, sex is an integral part of our daily lives – yet the subject has often been skirted around when interviewing people for Extraordinary Routines. In an attempt to be bashful no longer, here's a peep at the bedroom habits of strangers.

Words by Madeleine Dore

Collecting hundreds of sex habits and secret fantasises from an anonymous survey, The Sex Habits of Strangers is an art project that delved further into the routines and rituals that manage to arouse and excite, even as they become ordinary fixtures in our day to day lives.

Receiving the Runner Up Prize for FECK:ART Erotic Art CompetitionSex Habits of Strangers illustrates that what turns us on might be as seemingly mundane as eating breakfast while simultaneously highlighting the importance of finding pleasure in the everyday.

Here's a collection of some of the most intriguing responses. Warning: They are cheeky!

“A sexual habit is my boyfriend laying his hard penis between my bum cheeks when he cuddles in the morning. This never leads to sex though. I hate it.”

“Having been single for a very long time, sex in the online dating era is mostly a very disappointing affair. All the guys think they are porn stars and have no regard for what I might like, it is just about a film they have in their head.”

“Desire. Knowing he wants me. Texture of garments. Intellect. Weather patterns. Seeing his body. Imagination. Lingering gazes. A smell. Stress. Seeing a beautiful woman. Success… so many things.”

“I like licking skin while I’m being fucked.”

“Sleepy, languid, sensual sex in the morning daylight is wonderful. Good for sexy flashbacks throughout the day and I feel more body positive than I do on days with sexless mornings.”

“I laugh when I orgasm. Not all the time, but if it’s a particularly strong one I’ll have giggle fit.”

“I fantasise about my friend’s father making me kneel down in front of him and give him head while he watches TV. In exchange I get money. He tells me I’m such a good girl for earning my money and later he fucks me.”

“I’m a pre-op trans woman and my partner is a cis woman. Our sexual positions often end up looking like scissoring despite the non standard genital configurations for that position.”

“I generally sleep with men, but when I masturbate I always think of women.”

“One partner likes the feel of toothpaste on her lips so I brush my teeth before going to bed.”

“I’ve always enjoyed the schoolgirl/teacher fantasy. The thought of my partner making me sit on his lap at a desk and running his fingers up under my plaid skirt. A bit cliché but I’m a fan of the classics.”

“Stimulation of my left nipple tends to make me very submissive”

“I have been fantasising about my partner anally penetrating me (with a strap on) and recall it often close to climax.”

“When I’m hungover I will masturbate at least three times in a day.”

“I have a recurring fantasy of a past lover being present and falling in love with me. I have tried to forget him, but he always comes to the forefront of my mind when I’m having sex.”

“Kissing > having my nipples tweaked (quite hard) > nibble of my earlobe > feeling my partner’s erection> hand on my pussy > penetration > deeply > nipples, nipples, nipples > possibly a smacked arse > orgasm > :)”

Sex Habits of Strangers  by Madeleine Dore

Sex Habits of Strangers by Madeleine Dore

Madeleine Dore